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Right Man, Wrong Time

Author: C. J. Winters
Genre: Time Travel Romance
Reviewed by Susan DiPlacido

580While on a spelunking expedition through one of Missouri's partially explored caves, Susa Hildebrand takes a nasty header and gets separated from the rest of her group. Peeling herself up from the slippery cave floor, Susa regroups and follows what she believes is her group's path. But she soon discovers that she's completely lost. Seeing a small opening, Susa exits the cave there instead of trying to find her way back to the main entrance. Once back outside, Susa breathes easier for a short time until she's discovered by Bickford Pelletier, a Canadian aerial photographer who's scouting the Ozark mountains for the US government, while also scouting for an available woman with a hefty dowry – in pre-civil war 1859. Lost and disoriented in this time-travel romance/adventure, Susa is reluctantly dependent on Bickford for survival. But it's not long before the mutual physical attraction starts to break through their century gap.

Right Man, Wrong Time is a well-plotted, often funny, and emotionally engaging romance. Winters crafts a detailed and enjoyable story with vibrant leads, an interesting supporting cast, and fast-moving action. Her attention to rich details, clever dialogue, and full-bodied characterizations weaves this into a thoroughly touching and rewarding read.


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